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    Welcome to the TAA!

    Welcome to the Tewksbury Athletic Association's Web Site!

    The mission of the Tewksbury Athletics Association is to promote sportsmanship, fair play, team play, proper exercise technique, sports safety, development of skills, discipline, self-esteem, cooperation, commitment, and making an effort. In TAA programs, while winning shall not be considered unimportant, it shall not supersede the striving to win within the boundaries of the rules and the ethics of sportsmanship in a fair competition of ability, effort and strategy. Therefore, the TAA shall not stress victory as the ultimate goal.

    TAA 2014 Survey
    Mar 12 2014

    The Tewksbury Athletic Association (TAA) is interested in feedback from our athletic community about our programs.

    The link below will take you to the 2014 TAA Survey.

    This brief survey gives our community an opportunity to provide direct input to our Board. The TAA values your input and will review all submitted surveys and comments. Your responses are confidential and your feedback will be used to improve our programs/organization.

    Please submit your survey by March 31st.


    Questions? Contact David Cooley at david.cooley@comcast.net

    Rutgers SAFETY Course
    Mar 06 2014

    The Rutgers Safety course is being offered locally in Tewksbury on March 26th. If you are planning to coach in Tewksbury and have not yet taken this course, you should try to attend now (even if you are coaching a fall sport) so that you don't need to travel a far distance to take the course later on. Please click on Rutgers Course to the left for more information.

    Spring Sports Are Coming!!
    Feb 10 2014

    All Spring recreation sport registrations are open. Please register ASAP.

    Little League Baseball
    Girls Softball
    Girls Lacrosse
    Boys Lacrosse

    Are you volunteering 5, 10, 20+ hours with the TAA?
    Mar 09 2012

    Many companies offer a volunteer matching-gift program to recognize the contribution of time their employees make to their communities. Depending on the program, companies will match service hours volunteered by the employee through monetary donations.

    Based on all of our volunteers, and the endless hours they spend in support of our programs, this is an excellent opportunity for the TAA to raise additional funds to help support our capital expenses and lower our program costs. It will also help our volunteers meet their companies' program goals.

    Please take the time to search your company's Web site for program information. Program Directors will verify your volunteer time and provide a formal letter of recognition from the TAA for your records and to submit to your company.

    The TAA is a non-profit organization and relies on our many volunteers, sponsorships and donations for our programs to be successful. Please contact your Program Director if you have any questions or would like a recognition letter in support of your volunteer time to submit to your company.

    Order Your Brick Today
    Nov 30 2010

    Create your very own place in Tewksbury history by helping us build a brick patio and walkway for the Snack Shack. This is your opportunity to purchase a personalized family brick that will be forever displayed at beautiful Oldwick Fields.

    Bricks are available in two sizes: 4" x 4" and 4" x 8". Download an order form today at


    Note: Donations are tax deductible.

    TAA Garbage Policy
    Nov 10 2010

    The TAA operates a “if you bring it, take it with you” policy regarding trash and water bottles at the township fields. Please help pitch-in and take any stray items with you as well.

    Township Parking Rules
    Nov 10 2010

    Please adhere to the township’s parking rules while visiting the fields.

    At Tewksbury Elementary School, please park in the lower lot. The upper lot is reserved for handicap and emergency parking only.

    At Christie Hoffman Farm, park vehicles on the grass to the left of the road only. The grass to the right of the road as you drive up to the fields is used by a local farmer and parking cars there will ruin his hay crop.

    At Oldwick Fields, please adhere to the "No Parking Signs" and park on the orchard side of the road.

    Positive Coaching Alliance
    Nov 10 2010

    What is the Positive Coaching Alliance or PCA?

    The TAA has partnered with the PCA to develop Double Goal Coaches, Second Goal Parents, and Triple Impact Competitors.

    First and foremost, PCA stresses the importance of coaching and playing to win, however, looks to replace the “win at all cost” mentality with the more important ambition of teaching life lessons through youth sport experiences. Our actions as coaches, parents and TAA Board Members impact the environment of Tewksbury’s youth sports programs, and we all bear the responsibility of ensuring that our actions support the positive experience that we all want to provide for our kids.

    Bottom line: We want to create a culture where kids love to play the game; they look forward to practices and games as times when they will have fun while learning and competing.

    Through a series of upcoming mandatory seminars for coaches and parents, PCA and TAA will be presenting real life opportunities to bring this ambitious agenda to fruition in order to strengthen the already solid cultural foundation that has been established by past and present TAA volunteers. Our alliance with PCA and the mandatory seminars will reinforce, develop and sustain the culture of TAA in order to create the best overall competitive sports experience for our children.

    For additional information regarding PCA, visit www.positivecoach.org.

    TAA Hotline Number
    Mar 25 2009

    The information and weather TAA Hotline number is 877-866-0800. Check it often for updates throughout the season.


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